A Message from Lorig—Democrat for D20 Delegate

I have dedicated more than two decades to making Maryland a more just and inclusive place for all residents. This work has taken me into schools, farms, neighborhoods, courts, prisons, small businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and the State House. I have developed innovative programs to reduce recidivism, built an incubator kitchen for small food businesses to get their start, conducted economic research, written legislation for food security and public health, worked with the courts to increase access to justice for low income people, developed programs to build community wealth, provided violence prevention services, and marched in the streets for social justice.

I am ready to take this experience and put it to work for you and other D20 residents as your Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly.

Our challenge in the next few years will be to simultaneously protect Maryland residents from disastrous federal policies, while moving Maryland forward as a progressive beacon for other states to follow.

We will meet this challenge by:

•   Investing In Our Schools: We will prioritize ending the achievement gap. We will work to close tax loopholes and ensure corporations pay their fair share into the tax base, providing sufficient funding for our schools.

•    Fighting For Our Environment: We will focus on environmental justice, restore the Chesapeake Bay, replace fossil fuels with renewables, protect our water and air, and build a just food system that nourishes our bodies and the land.

•    Building a Just Economy: We will pass legislation to ensure economic security for working people, and support small business development to increase wealth building in communities historically denied these opportunities.

•    Reforming the Criminal Justice System: We will end mass incarceration, shifting away from lengthy incarceration for non-violent crimes and towards prevention and treatment—strategies that are humane, keep communities safe, and save tax dollars.

•    Prioritizing Affordable Housing: We will invest in affordable housing and encourage transportation that connects quality jobs to vibrant diverse neighborhoods, focusing on reversing a history of injustice in housing development.

•    Making Maryland A Health Care Leader: We will provide quality health care to everyone, including mental and behavioral health care.

Please join me as we work to build a more just and inclusive Maryland.

Lorig Charkoudian

”It’s hard keeping up with Lorig, let me tell you. I have to go all over the state to find her. But I will constantly be in pursuit of her because she is such a great leader in breaking the impasse over social conflicts, family conflicts, workplace conflicts, you name it. At a time when there is so much division and polarization in society, what we need is exactly the kind of work that Lorig has been doing to bring people together for constructive problem-solving. That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to salute Lorig and urge her on.”

Jamie Raskin, MD 8 Congressman, Former District 20 Senator 2007-16

October 2016, Run For Re-entry Rally for Criminal Justice Reform, Frederick, MD


Purpose: To give concrete evidence of a candidate’s commitment to climate change action, allowing the candidate to “walk the walk,” pledge to run a green campaign, and to challenge other candidates to do so.

Lorig’s campaign has pledged to:

  • Print campaign literature on recycled paper with soy-based inks.
  • Eliminate campaign swag that is not recyclable (such as plastic items and bags, balloons).
  • Locate campaign events, when possible, to be accessible by public transport (or biking or walking), and advertise that fact (with directions).
  • Carpool volunteers to events and field work when possible.
  • Drive a Prius or small, energy efficient car with good mileage rating, when necessary.
  • Hold events with sustainable supplies, using compostable, recyclable, or reusable and Styrofoam-free products, and offering a non-meat options. Serve food prepared by local businesses with short food supply chains, whenever possible.
  • Eliminate one-serving plastic water bottles at campaign events and for volunteer events.
  • Make sure all staff and volunteers get the message! In the office, using power strips, CFLs, recycled paper, and reusable or paper cups for water.