Lorig’s Letter – August 11, 2021


Power in the Park proved to be a huge success!  I organized this outreach event to connect community residents with programs for energy efficiency and solar energy that can help save on utility bills and save our planet. If you missed the event, you can find out about some of these programs here.

MANY THANKS:   I am full of gratitude for all the partners working with me to connect residents to these crucial state programs  – thank you to Audelia Community Response Team, Audubon Naturalist Society, CASA, CHEER, Climate Justice Wing, Clifton Park Baptist Church, Department of Housing and Community Development, Energy Efficiency for All, Impact Silver Spring, Maryland Office of People’s Counsel, Montgomery Energy Connection, Office of Home Energy Programs, Pepco, Solar United Neighbors, and Takoma Park Mobilization for pulling off this fun and informative event. I have and will continue to work to expand and improve these programs in state law and state budgets.

CLIMATE JUSTICE:  My work for Climate Justice has always focused on both what we need at a local and community level, as well as changes we need in our regional energy markets. I have continued to advocate with PJM, the regional grid operator that sets rules that can make or break the clean energy market. You can read recent progress as well as the work we still have before us in this Bloomberg Magazine article, which includes my comments on the need to democratize the PJM decision-making process.

CANVASSING FOR CHARKOUDIAN CONTINUES:  Throughout the summer I have continued to connect with constituents by simply knocking on their doors.  Even though the primary election is over 10 months away, I am canvassing to let constituents know what I have been working on, hear what issues are important to them, and share resources that may be helpful to them or others they know in the community. I love door-knocking and the chance to get to know more of our amazing neighbors.

I invite you to join me door-knocking on August 22th at 3pm in East Silver Spring. We will gather for a brief training, break into pairs, and reach out to neighbors. We will wear masks and practice safe social distancing and we will be outside the entire time. No experience needed; just bring excitement about connecting with fellow community members! (Sign up here). We will send out an address and more details to people who sign up.

As always, if you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact my office at lorig.charkoudian@house.state.md.us.  You can also leave a message at (410)-841-3423; although please note my office will not be staffed five days per week until the next Session.

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